Citizenship of Canada – How Bill C-16 Affects You

You have applied for citizenship of Canada. You will receive an acknowledgment letter (AOR) from the government after your application has been received. If you do not meet the criteria to take the citizenship test, you must reapply and meet with a citizenship official. The processing time may take up to 27 months, but it may be shortened by the COVID-19 pandemic. Once your application has been processed, you may be invited to take a citizenship test or to attend an interview.

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While there are several different reasons why a person may be denied citizenship, Bill C-16 retains the existing process and makes only minor changes. This process is triggered by a Minister’s report to the Security Intelligence Review Committee. The Committee must find that there is “reasonable grounds to believe” that a person has committed an act that could endanger national security. The Minister of Citizenship may choose to appoint a new judge to clear the backlog.

If you are not a permanent resident, Bill C-16 may make it harder to apply for citizenship. In some cases, you may be eligible to apply for citizenship after just a few months, but in most cases, the longer you have lived in Canada, the more likely you are to qualify. In fact, it’s possible to obtain citizenship within as little as three years, according to the Richmond Hill immigration lawyer. There are also new regulations concerning criminal histories, which will add more stress to the process.

Before applying for citizenship, you must have lived in Canada for at least one year. To be eligible, you must also have filed taxes in Canada for the last three years. In addition, you must have completed an application for citizenship using the Residence Calculator. You must also be fluent in English and French in order to apply for citizenship. In addition to meeting the requirements, you must show that you have the necessary knowledge of the country. You can prove your language skills by presenting a variety of documents that prove your proficiency in the language.

For you to qualify for citizenship of Canada, you must be 18 years old and have lived in the country for at least one year. This time period can be extended by the time you were a child or a permanent resident of Canada. The process will be much easier if you’ve met the other requirements. You must also meet the language requirements and pass a citizenship test. This test is intended to determine your knowledge of Canada history and politics. You must also show you can communicate effectively in one of the three official languages.

The Citizenship Act of 1977 was a landmark law that removed the distinction between “British subjects” and “aliens”. After the Second World War, the non-British population in Canada had increased dramatically. Immigrants from Europe and other countries were becoming frustrated with the unequal treatment they received. As a result, Canada’s Citizenship Act was passed in order to make all individuals applying for citizenship in Canada the same. In addition to removing the distinction between British citizens and non-British citizens, it also created a system that allowed dual citizenship. Previously, acquiring citizenship of another country would lose your Canadian citizenship.

How Check Printing Mailings Services Provides Great Marketing for Business


Check printing services are available to businesses of all types, sizes, and industries. There is a great variety of services from which to choose, each one offering something a little different. Depending on your needs, the right API to print and mail checks online can be a big or a small investment that yields great rewards over time. Here are some of the key components to consider when choosing printing services:

Check API Options

API’s offer a variety of options when it comes to mailing checks. Some allow you to print as many checks as you need, which means no two checks will ever be the same. Other APIs allow you to set up automatic payments for customers who pay via credit cards or e-checks and set up limits as to how many checks can be printed. Check proof services can even help you avoid charges for checks that aren’t accepted, and help you verify information when a customer provides incomplete information.

Mailing Options – Different APIs offer different features, and many have additional capabilities as well. For example, some have the ability to run more than one check at a time, or an option to print faxed information. If you have a large business or multiple locations, this is advantageous, as it makes check printing easier to accomplish. You can also select an electronic ‘pay’ method that allows you to electronically process checks and send the appropriate payments immediately. Check proof services that offer the ability to ‘roll back’ payments are especially helpful, as this ensures that the customer doesn’t get charged more than they were told they would be and that they are getting the money they were expecting.

Mailing Information – Different printing services offer different methods of shipping information to customers. Check printers commonly use the United States Postal Service (USPS) or commercial overnight services to ship checks. Check proof services use private networked networks, such as through the Internet, instead of the US Postal Service, to ship checks.

Mailing Methods – The method of shipping your check depends entirely on the company you choose. Some businesses choose to print their checks on blank check stock, while others may choose a different option for their checks. Check proof companies will accept most options for check printing, so if you have questions about how your check should be sent, you can call them directly or speak with their customer service representatives. However, some companies will only accept certain paper options, such as carbon copy, verifiable paper, thermal tape, and/or micro-cards. These options are generally used by smaller companies because they are less expensive and can be used in places where check printing is not yet common.

Mailing Information – Once a check has been mailed out, the information for the check must be provided to the recipient. This means sending the check, then taking the check to the correct location, and presenting it to the person that is going to be paying the check. Generally, the person receiving the check will swab the top of it or use a pen or a special device to imprint the information – either the routing number or the account number of the payee. This information is then stored locally on the server of the check printing company, where it will be kept for an organization’s records. If the check comes from a smaller business, a simple computer printout of the routing number or account number will usually work. If the check comes from a larger business, they will generally need to order check printing mailing services to take additional steps.

Order Status – When a check is created, the company simply needs to determine the status of the check. Depending on the type of check (Vendor Checks, Demailed Checks, etc), the company can determine if the check was paid, failed, or the check was returned as unpaid. The company will then process the information from the check. Most check printing services will print a notation on the check that tells the customer when and why the check was lost or misplaced, which is why you have seen so many “paid” checks in your mailbox lately.

Mailing Options – Many check printing companies offer a wide variety of options for mailing checks. Some popular options include the use of regular posts, electronic check printing, use of email (either with an attached bill payment or as a stand-alone message), use of electronic transfer services such as credit cards, and so forth. Check companies are constantly looking at new ways to improve their services, and you will often see them adding new options, such as these, as they grow and expand.

Know Why Your Website is Not Ranking in the SERPs for SEO

It may have been a long time that your website has failed to rank in the heart of search engines. Despite putting your best efforts, something is going surely on the wrong track. Unfortunately, it’s not actually a particular thing but a host of dismissive reasons that attribute to this issue.

So, you need to identify the root causes before you merely invest in the SEO services Toronto company tactics. This article will discuss them all to place your business high on the search engines within seo toronto

  • Work More on Keywords

The keyword is the vital aspect of SEO and ranking. According a study, it is seen that business can witness an increase of 200% traffic when they have targeted the right keywords. Hence, as a marketer you must put in the best endeavor to decide on the proper set of keywords.

You should conduct thorough research to understand the users’ intent. Also make sure to implement relevant keywords that describe your business to the core. So, prioritize keyword selection to rank your business beating the competitors.

To get hold of the competitive and yet result yielding keywords, you should hire the best SEO Toronto agency. The in-house SEO analyst with a sweeping process will bring forth effective target keywords to draw quality traffic in your website.

  • Content Quality

If the quality of content is poor, your website is bound to lack behind. The fact is the search engine bots are always in a hunt for value-added content. To impress the bots, your website must boasts polished and impressive content. So, change the existing content of your website and replace with the superlative one.

You can board the best SEO Toronto company for your business to witness a high rank within a short time. The professional writers will craft bespoke content that will click with readers. Furthermore, with years of expertise, they also know the trick to implement the keywords seamlessly throughout the write-ups. To cut through the clutter hire a content writing agency.

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  • Consider Web Design

This is no secret rather pretty much pragmatic. If your web design is not up to the mark, expecting a good crowd is an act of thoughtlessness. Usability and user experience should be your main target. Users always prefer those websites which give impeccable UI and ease-of-navigation. Hence, work on the web design to make it more readable at the very first glance.

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  • Things May Go Wrong with Google

It may also happen that Google has taken a manual action penalty to remove your business website from its search results. Unethical practices are the primary cause of such action. Therefore, before it becomes too late, check the Google Manual Actions report. After proper evaluation, start fixing the issues with the aid of professionals.

  • Lack of Optimization

A website that is not properly optimized with keywords is no less than a cadaver. Instead of incorporating short terms, go for those long-tail keywords. Tapping into the gradual emergence of voice search, you must put words which have a conversing tone.

Now that you have got familiar with the reasons, work with the seo agency to level up your business in search engines.


Here is How a Cash Loan Can Benefit Your Small Business

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To run a business successfully, funding is extremely important. Often misconceived, even small businesses entail sufficient money to circumvent any sort of cash crunch. If you own an SME in Canada, it’s likely you are likely to be mindful of the significance of having substantial working capital.

A lot many small business owners are opting for cash loans Canada to infuse in money to their working capital. Needless to say, not having enough working capital to cover the obligations can potentially lead to bankruptcy. So, if you are almost on the verge of liquidation of assets due to fewer funds, don’t shy away from taking a small cash loan.

Financial institutions are offering cash loans Canada to the businessmen at a competitive rate of interest. Moreover, unlike those traditional business loans, this new age credit is upfront and loaded with multiple benefits.

Here come the 5 major benefits of micro cash loan that can level up your trade at par:

  1. Convenient Repayment Tenure

Lenders provide the borrowers flexible tenure for repaying the loan amount. Depending on the loan amount, the period of repayment is decided. So, if you opt for taking cash loans Canada, you will get ample time to repay the same. The financial institutions understand the uncertainties and complexities which remain associated with businesses. Hence, with such a loan you can manage all the difficult times seamlessly.

  1. Competitive Interest Rate

Moreover, you can also get hold of an affordable rate of interest by availing this particular line of credit. With economic EMIs, you can handle all your liabilities and obligation in an appropriate manner. So, apart from clearing your existing debts, you can also easily repay the loan.

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  1. Ease-of-availability

Unlike traditional loans, these small cash loans Canada is easy to obtain. You don’t have to take the hassle of heavy paperwork or high-end eligibility criteria. Furthermore, you don’t have to hypothecate or mortgage any property to get hold of the loan amount. Needless to say, in this internet-first world, you don’t have to visit a physical branch to get approval from the lender. All you need to submit a few relevant documents and money will be disbursed in your account post verification of the same.

  1. Maximum Flexibility

The amount of flexibility that comes along with such micro business loan makes it a real winner over other advances. You have full freedom to use the loan in accordance with your business needs. From machinery acquisition to buying equipment, padding up working capital to repaying existing debts, use the loan amount sufficing the requisites.

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  1. Multiple Consumer Programs

Estimable lenders always have a tendency to proffer the borrowers with superior consumer programs for their best interest. You may get access to the following facilities and programs as per your requirements:

  • Existing government scheme
  • Profound knowledge on financial management
  • Payment settlement system
  • Insurance

In a nutshell, small cash loans Canada hold enough potential to make a huge difference in your small business. So, expand your trade by exploring the facilities of this loan type at the earliest.

5 Golden Facts to Know Before You Buy Silver

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A lot many people are nowadays setting forth investing in silver. Needless to say, silver has got its threshold in the mainstream market just like gold. In fact, this particular material has made investing in bullion ubiquitous. Earlier bullion investment was confined to only wealthiest people in Canada.

However, with the gradual pace of time & more popularity of silver, investing in bullion is not much a big deal. In short, people who buy silver Canada make an incredibly smart choice to get a higher return on investment.

So, if you are planning to buy silver this season for the first time, make sure to keep you are alert to every nitty-gritty related to this process. From buying to reselling, the entire procedure needs adequate skill and expertise. As you know, knowledge is gold and silver is wealth; below given are some golden facts before you attempt to buy silver Canada

 silver in Canada

  1. Silver is Much in Demand

Albeit not flashier like gold, silver is no less significant for investing. The major reason being these coins are widely used in automotive industry, health sector, several technological implements, dental appliances etc. According to a survey, the demand for silver has been accounted to almost 970 million Troy ounces since 2015. So, buying silver is an exceptionally good idea in order to leverage your financial condition.

  1. Way More Economic

Interestingly, silver is 75 times economic than gold. Perhaps, if you buy silver Canada, you can make a more tangible investment. Considering its rapid growth and implementation in various sectors, you have the flexibility to earn substantial amount beyond your existing investment portfolio.

  1. Market is Concentrated

Insights suggest gold has a total market cap of $82 billion approximately whereas silver has a market capitalization of total 14.5 billion. That means the trade with silver is much smaller compared to other precious metals. So, even there is a major dip in its pricing, it generally bounces back quickly. This is a huge benefit if you are a profit-conscious investor.

  1. Comprehend the Purpose of Investment

Ignorance is definitely not bliss when it comes to ploughing money into the bullion market. As a responsible investor, you must pay heed before merely investing to buy silver Canada. Make sure that you have a well-balanced financial portfolio. This is because bullion is such an entity which won’t generate any additional income when you are in possession of it.

In fact, you can have major capital gains or even losses once you decide to sell those metals. So, understand the purpose of your investment before you take any paramount step. However, if a hedge fund is on your mind, then you can consider silver without any hesitation.

 buying canadian silver

  1. Buy Rare

Market is crumpled with dishonest people. Do your diligence and find a seller who is credible. Another aspect is the price. The costing of silver is directly associated with its rarity. Therefore, look for a dealer who proffers the best at a competitive price.


Make Your Every Penny Count

Silver is perhaps one of the low-cost purchases which promise better revenues. So, be attentive to every other consideration to buy low and sell high!

5 Benefits You Will Miss by Not Hiring a Mortgage Broker

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According to a survey, 47% of the borrowers fail to obtain a suitable mortgage loan fitting their needs and criteria. Needless to say, the entire section of mortgage loan is a universe altogether in banking and finance. Hence, it is not unnatural for people to have deficient knowledge on this aspect. Now the question comes, how do the rest 53% of borrowers end up having a successful mortgage?

Well, the catch lies in contacting a Toronto mortgage broker. A mortgage broker is that friend in need when the borrowers remain utterly confused about every specification related to this line of credit. Starting from finding the best deal to managing all paperwork, the man will do all the essentials to fetch the clients with perfect loan solutions.

Are you planning to take a mortgage in the near future? If a yes, then it’s time to know what the advantages are you will pass over if you don’t opt for a Toronto mortgage broker.

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  • Get Access to a Competitive Interest

Interest component is instrumental before availing a mortgage loan. As the saying goes, Canadians fear the power of rising rates; most of the borrowers go bonkers in order to get the best rate. Addressing this situation, the smart applicants go for a professional mortgage broker. Understanding the applicants’ needs and financial condition, a broker will make the right move for the best interest. You can save a lot on interest and EMIs by contacting an estimable broker before availing the advance.

  • Save Time

Time is money. Metaphorically and otherwise. A professional Toronto mortgage broker knows it to the core. The entire process of application, negotiation and approval is extremely time-consuming. In such a situation, it is imperative for you to save your time and sanity. So, if you want to don’t get through the hassles and enjoy a stress-free process of loan approval, go for a broker. He will do the legwork for your maximum convenience.

  • Get Hold of Non-Advertised Deals

This is a little secret for all the seasoned investors. The fact is that financial institutions don’t always advertise their exclusive deals. Interestingly, a professional broker does have access to such offers as a part of his job rule. Therefore, to make your loan fruitful with additional non-advertised deals, you must hire a broker in toronto

  • Instant Expert Knowledge

Expertise matters, especially in this particular type of advance. A mortgage loan comes with lots of subtleties. Missing out on a single thing can render a big difference in the long haul. If you don’t want the same, a broker is the best bet you can have to do away with all the difficulties.

  • High Chance of Pre-approval Success

Getting pre-approved loan is not a kid’s play. You may also end up hurting your credit score in case, there is a rejection. Brokers possess right amount of knowledge to make their clients eligible for pre-approved offers which are of huge benefits.

Final Thoughts

Make your mortgage manageable and lucrative with the assistance of Toronto mortgage broker. Never limit your options by asking a financial institution’s quote. Instead, take professional service from a broker to grab the best-suited offers designed specifically for your monetary needs. So, what are you waiting for? Get started!