How Check Printing Mailings Services Provides Great Marketing for Business


Check printing services are available to businesses of all types, sizes, and industries. There is a great variety of services from which to choose, each one offering something a little different. Depending on your needs, the right API to print and mail checks online can be a big or a small investment that yields great rewards over time. Here are some of the key components to consider when choosing printing services:

Check API Options

API’s offer a variety of options when it comes to mailing checks. Some allow you to print as many checks as you need, which means no two checks will ever be the same. Other APIs allow you to set up automatic payments for customers who pay via credit cards or e-checks and set up limits as to how many checks can be printed. Check proof services can even help you avoid charges for checks that aren’t accepted, and help you verify information when a customer provides incomplete information.

Mailing Options – Different APIs offer different features, and many have additional capabilities as well. For example, some have the ability to run more than one check at a time, or an option to print faxed information. If you have a large business or multiple locations, this is advantageous, as it makes check printing easier to accomplish. You can also select an electronic ‘pay’ method that allows you to electronically process checks and send the appropriate payments immediately. Check proof services that offer the ability to ‘roll back’ payments are especially helpful, as this ensures that the customer doesn’t get charged more than they were told they would be and that they are getting the money they were expecting.

Mailing Information – Different printing services offer different methods of shipping information to customers. Check printers commonly use the United States Postal Service (USPS) or commercial overnight services to ship checks. Check proof services use private networked networks, such as through the Internet, instead of the US Postal Service, to ship checks.

Mailing Methods – The method of shipping your check depends entirely on the company you choose. Some businesses choose to print their checks on blank check stock, while others may choose a different option for their checks. Check proof companies will accept most options for check printing, so if you have questions about how your check should be sent, you can call them directly or speak with their customer service representatives. However, some companies will only accept certain paper options, such as carbon copy, verifiable paper, thermal tape, and/or micro-cards. These options are generally used by smaller companies because they are less expensive and can be used in places where check printing is not yet common.

Mailing Information – Once a check has been mailed out, the information for the check must be provided to the recipient. This means sending the check, then taking the check to the correct location, and presenting it to the person that is going to be paying the check. Generally, the person receiving the check will swab the top of it or use a pen or a special device to imprint the information – either the routing number or the account number of the payee. This information is then stored locally on the server of the check printing company, where it will be kept for an organization’s records. If the check comes from a smaller business, a simple computer printout of the routing number or account number will usually work. If the check comes from a larger business, they will generally need to order check printing mailing services to take additional steps.

Order Status – When a check is created, the company simply needs to determine the status of the check. Depending on the type of check (Vendor Checks, Demailed Checks, etc), the company can determine if the check was paid, failed, or the check was returned as unpaid. The company will then process the information from the check. Most check printing services will print a notation on the check that tells the customer when and why the check was lost or misplaced, which is why you have seen so many “paid” checks in your mailbox lately.

Mailing Options – Many check printing companies offer a wide variety of options for mailing checks. Some popular options include the use of regular posts, electronic check printing, use of email (either with an attached bill payment or as a stand-alone message), use of electronic transfer services such as credit cards, and so forth. Check companies are constantly looking at new ways to improve their services, and you will often see them adding new options, such as these, as they grow and expand.