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Due to the large number of inquires we receive about employment opportunities or careers with CENSOL Inc., it is prudent that we provide information that is of value to those seeking employment in the environment industry.

CENSOL Inc. is a Strategic Alliance Company and as such we do not have employees within the company. We rely on the services of the member or partner companies to provide specific technical expertise that is required to execute projects. This process may be initiated under the terms of an ongoing strategic alliance agreement or by way of case-by-case project agreements.

If you have contacted CENSOL Inc. to inquire as to career opportunities or short term employment with the alliance team, you will have been directed back to this page for further information. We would suggest that you contact the alliance partners directly. Alternatively, we can suggest that you review the web sites of the following organizations:

ECO Canada (Environmental Careers Organization)
ONEIA (Ontario Environment Industry Association)
Please note that the ECO Canada is a national organization, whereas ONEIA is limited to the Province of Ontario. For EIAs (Environment Industry Associations) outside of Ontario, please consult the provincial directories or search their names on Google if they are not listed here:

As a long time supporter of the Canadian Environmental Industry Association, the Canadian Environmental Auditing Association and the Ontario Environment Industry Association, we can confirm the importance of becoming a member of one or more of these associations. This is particularly true for students in their final years of college or university, as well as for those just entering the work force. Participation in the EIA events will expose you to the leading environmental companies in the area in which you are interested in becoming established.

ECO Canada, on the other hand, offers you the opportunity to increase your awareness about employment opportunities across Canada and to participate in the Canadian Environmental Certifications Approval Board process to obtain your accreditation as a CCEP (Canadian Certified Environmental Professional) or CEPIT (Canadian Environmental Practitioner – in Training). Please refer to the web sites for additional information.