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International Projects
CENSOL Inc. is primarily an international environmental consulting firm, known previously as Pollutech International Limited. The company has undertaken projects throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, Central America and South America. CENSOL is registered with the major International Financial Institutions (IFIs) and has completed multiple projects for the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), through the Industrial Cooperation Program (CIDA INC). CENSOL is well respected by and fully conversant with the services provided for international projects by Industry Canada (IC), the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT), the Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC), and the Export Development Corporation (EDC).

By means of a long term agreement, CENSOL Inc. is the vehicle by which the POLLLUTECH Group of Companies can provide a wide array of additional environmental services to the international marketplace. Follow the link to an outline of the International Projects that have been completed by CENSOL Inc.

Domestic Projects
Although the focus of CENSOL is on international projects, as the representative of the POLLUTECH companies, it does undertake selective domestic projects in all provinces and territories across Canada. In addition, the CENSOL team works very closely with POLLUTECH to continue to provide the same level of services that were provided prior to the corporate reorganization. CENSOL has been a successful supplier to many of the departments of the Canadian Federal Government, as well as to Provincial Departments in Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Ontario, and British Columbia.

For additional details on the domestic services, please refer to the details provided by Pollutech Environmental Limited, Pollutech Geoenvironmental Limited, and Pollutech Enviroquatics Limited, or contact us at CENSOL and we will direct you to the appropriate person. You may also follow the link to an outline of the Domestic Projects that have been completed.

Water & Wastewater Treatment
Since inception of the Pollutech companies in 1969, by the founder Dr. Jack Norman, the company has gained recognition as a leader in the process design and optimization of water and wastewater treatment plants. Initially this service was provided within Canada, for major municipalities in the regions of Niagara, Hamilton, Halton, Durham, Ottawa, Moncton and Muskoka. Working with leading environmental engineering firms, the team provided support for the design of facilities with leading technologies, providing the proof that careful planning, testing and design can lead to a fool proof system.

With the advent of the international initiatives in 1984 by Richard Laughton, and the formation of Pollutech International Limited in 1991, the group took the domestic expertise to the international marketplace and executed water and wastewater projects in Turkey, Venezuela, Lesotho, St. Lucia, Uruguay, Nicaragua, and most recently in the United States.

Please follow the link for additional details on the scope of services for Water and Wastewater Projects.

Environmental Management Programs
The topic of environmental management programs consists of a host of sub-topics that include environmental assessment, environmental auditing, development of environmental management plans, the execution of environmental site assessments and completion of environmental risk assessments. Since 1975, when the first Federal EA was completed by the original Pollutech team, to the execution of the ISO 14001 Gap Analysis in Nicaragua in 2001, the team has continued to show leadership in this area. Richard Laughton of CENSOL and Paul Kirby of Pollutech, are both successful graduates of the program for “screening under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act”, as provided by the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA) and are recognized as “Canadian Certified Environmental Practitioners” (CCEP) in the specific categories as set by the Canadian Environmental Certification Approvals Board (CECAB). Richard Laughton has also achieved certification as a “Certified Environmental Auditor” (CEA), an EMS Lead Auditor (EMS-LA), and a “Certified Assessor of Sites” (CEAS) through the accredited programs of the Canadian Environmental Auditing Association (CEAA).

For additional details on the wide range of programs and services that are offered by the team in this field, follow the link to our Environmental Management Programs.

Legal Support and ADR
For over 25 years, the principals of the company have been provided significant support to the national and international legal community through the provision of scientific studies to support a wide array of interesting litigation matters, quasi-judicial hearings, and expert testimony. In addition, Richard Laughton is qualified in the field of Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR), as a successful graduate of the ADR Canadian Arbitration Course in 1995. Since that time, Richard has been the Secretary of the Environmental Section of the ADR Institute of Canada (Ontario Section).

Expert testimony has been provided for a number of law firms with cases before the courts and hearing bodies. We have provided evidence for cases before the Federal Court of Canada, the Provincial Courts of Ontario and British Columbia, and within Ontario the Environmental Assessment Board, the Consolidated Hearings Board, the Ontario Municipal Board and the Niagara Escarpment Commission. Most recently, we were retained as experts to assist in the negotiations for a legal matter involving a large merger and acquisition in Italy (see references posted on this site).

For details on the array of legal projects we have completed, and ADR programs executed, please follow the link to our Legal Support and ADR.

The projects and outlines that we have provided here are only a few of the specialized environmental programs and services of the CENSOL and POLLUTECH team. Additional components will be posted in the future, so come back often to see the changes. Some of the areas we have not yet discussed include air emission testing and modeling, green house gas emissions and Kyoto, project finance and analysis, and the many aspects of environmental aquatic studies and effects monitoring. Until such time as those details are posted, please visit the Pollutech corporate web site for additional information, or contact us directly at with your questions.